code based reports Delphi & C++ Builder

Welcome to HB Reports!

Lightweight code based reporting solution for VCL and Firemonkey

For developers who prefer to create Reports quickly in code rather than wasting time with a hard to learn, slow to build graphical designer.
Designed to have a high degree of backward code compatibility with Nevrona Rave Reports but in active development and forward looking for your new Firemonkey applications.

  • Small footprint, compiles direct into your executable - no additional libraries required.
  • SetTab(), SetColumns(), Print() PrintLn(), PrintBitmap(), LineTo()...
    ... simple, readable code, quick to write and easy to maintain.
  • For Delphi and C++ Builder
  • VCL and Firemonkey, Win32, Win64 and OSX
  • Code only - no messing about with visual designers.
  • Precise print cursor positioning in inches or metric. Ideal for form completion or tabulated reports.
  • Header, Footer, Body, Tabs and Columns to help your page formatting but you can print anywhere you like.
  • Optional Preview then output to printer.
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